Manager in 2023?

How to be a Good Restaurant

Essential skills that you should possess

– Great Communication Skills – Prompt Decision Making – Ability to Read Situations and Act Accordingly – Patience – Multitasking – Team Management – Convincing and Inspirational for Employees Under Them – Fair and Just – Conflict Resolution – Handling Customers Reviews Effectively – Empathetic and Understanding by Nature – Cooperative – Understanding – Optimistic and Positive – Decisive

Providing Superior Customer Service

This is the most important and also time-consuming role. The duties and responsibilities are yours to effectively coordinate all activities between the front and back of house to deliver amazing customer service. If you want to be a great manager, you will need to create a great customer experience.

Vendor, Equipment, and Inventory Management

Most often, restaurant managers will need to own these responsibilities and duties from day one. If you are inheriting the vendors in an established restaurant, it is always good to introduce yourself on a meet and greet with the reps. You can gauge their service and support and vet them from here

Managing Human Resource Functions

As a restaurant manager most often, you will also need to be the person hiring, training, monitoring, planning, reviewing job contributions, appraising, and evaluating employee compensation.

Last Thoughts of How to be a good restaurant manager

Restaurant managers must be consistent in their communication, rules and expectations. They should be experiencing each job at least once to get a feel of the operation. Additionally, it is also a good idea to find a qualified mentor, someone who will give advice and challenge you when needed.